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Reading Comprehension Sites For Parents?

Stephanie Michelle

Junior Member
Hello Everyone!
I teach 6th grade, and I have a student in my reading class who is an average reader. All of his test scores are around the average range, but he really struggles with reading. He is choppy when reading out loud, and has trouble with recall and comprehension. His mother says at home he sometimes needs to re-read the same chapter multiple times, and if it weren't for her help at home, I'm sure he would be really struggling in class.

His mother phoned me the other day and asked if we had any resources at school that might help him, and because of his average test scores, we can't put him in any special programs. Does anyone know of any sort of program or website that might help this parent? She'd really like to do anything she can to help at home and get her son more interested in reading, because as of right now, he really doesn't like to read and pretty mcuh does it only because she urges him to.


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I like bookadventure.com and think it is pretty rewarding to students who join it. It can help a kid "study" for an AR test.

I think you should recommend to the parent that she have her child read orally to her while she's cooking or something. He could read on the internet at a number of sites like yahooligans. Mom could get a Nickelodeon magazine and have him read. She can ask him questions to test his comprehension. They could go to a bookstore and have the child pick out something he's interested in reading like a graphic novel, comic book or a the latest thing everyone's talking about. Boys seem to like reading codebreaking books and that is reading after all!!

Stephanie Michelle

Junior Member
Actually, the mom is already doing all of that stuff! She reads with him, has him read aloud to her, has him give tellbacks of what he just read, and helps him find books he likes! She is doing everything she can, and that's why I really want to help her. She said she struggled as a child, and doesn't want the same for her son.

Thanks so much for the website idea. I took a look at it and I think it's great!


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I do use bookadventure.com but I find many of the questions to be lousy (focus on a picayune detail, too vague, not thought-provoking, etc.)

Unbelievable website (so many printables that are ready to use):


Also, try:
ttms.org (Check out "Read Like a Reader, Read Like a Writer" - very cool! I do this activity with various Ruth Culham- recommended picture books. I model it first with my own picture book, "The Wretched Stone" by Chris Van Allsburg (a metaphorical book about the effects of t.v. on humans)