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Reading Curriculum Adoption Help!!

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My district is searching for a new curriculum that is CCSS aligned. They are willing to spend whatever it takes to get a reading/writing curriculum for the K-5 classrooms. So far I have looked at Into Reading. It seems okay, but what do you think? What curriculum do you use that you like or dislike? Any suggestions on what to look for?

Looking for other teacher insight.


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CKLA: Engage NY

The very worst. Lots and of worksheets, boring stories that the kids can’t relate to, the sequence makes no sense... I could go on and on.


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We have Journeys. I could never implement it fully. It is just not possible, it is so much to take in, and there are just not enough hours in a day to try and cover it all. I pick and choose what I feel is appropriate from year to year.


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I don't think there is one perfect program but after working across various grade levels with GenEd, SpEd and EL, make sure you have a strong phonics component and time for the kids to actually learn how to read and spell. This should be a big focus in primary grades. For comprehension, look for a program that has the students responding constantly to text. I would say retelling, sequencing, and literal comprehension are the main skills with building beginning inferential skills.

I have found that close reading is best. Rather than reading many books or texts, read less texts but focus on actually understanding what is happening in the story and illustrations and why.

Lastly, let them read for pleasure. Give them time to pick whatever books/texts piques their interest and give them an appropriate block of time to just enjoy reading. This includes read aloud; most kids love being read to.


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We have Journeys too

I agree with meandmyhouse, it’s too much, but I do like it.
The writing component is mediocre though.


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I HATE readygen for k-1. It’s awful and developmentally inappropriate.

I liked Making Meaning, Words Their Way, and Fountas and Pinell (resources to go with their reading level assessments).

Lucy Calkins units of study is better as a supplement but is lacking phonics and the newest science research in teaching kids to read.