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Reading First School Visist



Next week, my school will be visited by Reading First people. They have come before, but not into our classrooms. Has anyone been through this before? Does anyone know what I might can expect? I teach Kindergarten.

Dee Dee

Full Member
Reading first visitors

They are looking to see if you are doing your program as directed. My school uses Harcourt Trophies and we must follow it as it is written and then do grouping with differentiation. Each group must have a specific skill they are working on according to the story. We MUST only use Reading First materials, have a group chart that tells the children which station (some people call them stations) they go to. There should be a focus wall with the story title,author, illustrator, genre, focus skill, focus strategy, spelling words and vocabulary words listed. They were not interested in work on the bulletin boards. They did go over to children and pick up their papers to see. Task cards at each station, word wall, library levelled and also by genres, morning message. I don't know if I got it all. I hope that helps. Just be well planned that day. Good luck.