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Reading Incentive Prizes


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I am looking for suggestions for prizes (besides candy) for those students who meet their monthly reading goals. This is a schoolwide program (K-6). Is there anything that you have given your students that is cheap and appropriate for such and age range? Any suggestions are welcome!

Bonnie gr. 2

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Reading incentives

I have a reading program in my classroom with personal incentives as well as class incentives. They vote on the class incentives. These may be privileges, like bring a snack to school or do jigsaw puzzles. For individual rewards, I use things such as a homework pass, a small magnifying glass, a notepad, etc. The larger prizes I buy during the summer at the before sales. These are markers or colored pencils. In August they were very cheap. Oriental Trading Company and dollar stores are great sources.

Ms. J

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reading incentives

Monthly reading incentives- related to reading- bookmarks, chapter books (you can create a supply if you order through Scholastic or Troll), extra time to read with a friend;

Whole class reading incentive- have a special guest come in and read to the class, an afternoon reading outside, reading with a partner or friend for an extended amount of time

Incentives unrelated to reading- pencils, pens, little notebooks, stickers

I also agree with the previous post that Oriental Trading and Dollar Stores are perfect places to pick out rewards!


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Pizza Hut offers Book It

Six flags offers 600 minute reading

Pasta House offers a free meal

Talk to other restaurants maybe a free taco/hamberger/icecream, etc.

I personally do Pasta House. I also offer sit at my desk for the day. I do not sit there anyway and the kids love it.

I also but books from Scholastic and offer them as gifts

The dollar store is great too (calendars/school supplies/holiday stuff)

Just a few ideas



My school gives ribbons when kids reach certain levels, like after they've read a certain number of minutes they get one color ribbon, then the next time they get another color. They've talked about doing dog tags for each level, or those plastic bracelets all the kids love.


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  • Our school is participating in the Pizza Hut Book It program, and the kids love it.
  • In my classroom I give the students a Homework Pass each time they earn 25 Accelerated Reader (AR) points. The teacher must approve the assignment before the students use the Homework Pass.
  • Students who earn 25 AR points during a nine week grading period have their "Reading Star" put up on a bulletin board in the hall. This is just a cutout of a star with the student's name on it.
  • Students who earn 100 AR points during the school year get an award on Honor's Day at the end of the year.
  • Students who meet their individual fluency goals and have a certain number of AR points by Christmas time will participate in a popcorn party.
  • Students who meet their individual fluency goals and have a certian number of AR points by the end of the school year will get to go bowling.


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Gumballs and stickers

Book It earn free pizza, book marks, gumball from the gumball machine, stickers, read with a buddy, whisper phones, student reads and records a short book and takes the recording home and shares with their family, mystery reader comes and reads a book to the class, watch a video which is the same as our read aloud chapter book. Charlotte's Web, Charlies Chocolate Factory are great.