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reading logs

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hi guys - summer is finally here so i can begin to brainstorm new ideas for next year!! haha. Anyway one of the things i'd like to change a little is my reading logs. i send home a "bag book" each night with one book. they read and return, to have the book switched out for the next day. in there, there is a log for parents to write the date, title, difficulty level (E for Easy, JR for Just Right, CH for challenge) and sign it. we used to have to save these and file them but we no longer are required to do this. SO i'd like to change it up a little - any ideas? i thought of maybe a picture to color one section each night, when completed, earn something. i don't know - what do you guys use? i just end up throwing these away, but do need them to make sure they do their "homework" but would love a new set up!!!


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summer bags

Good morning Smar! I have done basically the same thing except that I had a reading envelope marked READ FOR SUCCESS. The student had the book for a week, but the parents would sign calendar for the nights that the student read to an adult.

After reading several other posts, I am going to change my reading homework up a bit and have the parents ask some basic comprehension questions beginning with who, what , where , why and ask the parents to stop throughout the story and ask the child to retell what was just read.
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My first graders have a page protector in their take-home folder for their reading logs. The reading log has room for 20 books. I have the parents write the book title, date and r for if the child read the book and L if the child listened to the book. (I want the kids to read but also be read to) When they fill their sheet, they get a sticker at the top and a new sheet. (They love this!) The page protector is multi-capacity so the new sheet gets added to the front.


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When I taught 1-2, the kids had a reading log that went home in their weekly homework packet and it had space for the title, date, time read, and a thought they had while reading. Parents had to sign the bottom.
Kids who read every night got a prize at the end of the week (it was more about getting them to fill in the log then actually do the reading -- they were really good about that part!)

Now I teach 3rd, and I staple a weekly reading log into their planner. It goes home every night, and the kids have to fill it out (same categories), and parents initial after each night. If it comes back, they get a sticker. Once they get 20 stickers, they earn a prize.