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Reading Series


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Do most of your school districts have an adopted reading series to use? Ours is quite outdated and few follow it anymore. Although I enjoy supplementing the reading program with my own materials, planning all reading lessons from scratch is very time consuming. What programs do some of you use that you like? Anyone from Ohio find a series that aligns with our standards?




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My school has went from basals to literature sets and now back to a basal. We have adopted the Houhgton-Mifflin series from kindergarten through sixth grade. All the key components of reading are in the material and the teacher's guide really does outline what you need to do day by day. We have 90 minutes of uninterrupted reading each day so it gives us time to do the basal as our core and then supplement with out own creative ideas and other literature. We really are seeing definite progress in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in our elementary school.