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Reading Street

Reading | Literature 


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We just adopted this reading series for the fall of 2011. We probably won't even get to look at it until August of 2011 (cause that is how our district works...<!--eyebrow-->). I would like to get a jump on it. Those of you who use it, have you found any great websites or blogs with materials that go with the stories etc.

Also, if you are using it, what do you like/not like about it and what should I look out for. Just any info. you can give me. We have had Houghton Miflin for the past 14 years, so this will be a huge adjustment for our district! I wish we could just bag the basal, but I am in the minority!:rolleyes:



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There are some wonderful websites that have all the ppts done for vocabulary, spelling, center ideas, etc. I'll email tomorrow when I get to the office.


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My school is going to be starting the same reading program in the fall 0f 2011. Thanks for the sites so I can get a headstart.

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Reading Streets

We just started using Reading Streets this fall. I can't stand the program and don't know any teachers who like it. The program plods along. So far I have only found two stories that I like.

We aren't happy with the way the skills are introduced. There are mistakes in the books. We have wondered if Pearson piloted the program before publishing. On one pages in the kindergarten book the flag is hung backwards on the pole so that the field of stars is on the outer edge. They have a writing piece that is too difficult for beginning writers. We used to use 4-square. There are no take-home booklets for the students to practice. There is a website, but that only works if your students have access to a computer.
I hope your district will allow you to keep your old basal as a resource.

Wait until you see the workbook. It's over an inch thick. My students can't find pages in it. Why would any company divide their books into units and then provide one workbook for the entire year?

Frankly, I can't think of one good thing to say about this program. That is sad. I'm familiar with an old Scott-Foresman program that was really great. This program is very disappointing. I would prefer to have no reading program and do my own thing than have to work with Pearson.