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Reading tests to students



Do you read content area tests to kids in second grade? Do you start at the beginning of the year and then gradually let kids read tests for themselves?

Bonnie gr. 2

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It depends on the test and my purpose in giving it. For a reading test, I read directions and possibly a sample. For content area tests, I read the tests. I feel that I want to assess content knowledge, not reading. I used to let kids ask for help reading parts of the test if they felt they needed help. But after one particular class with a number of students with reading disabilities, I started reading tests. Many times the student doesn't realize that they aren't reading the questions correctly.


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I read them

We use McGraw Hill for language arts, and I don't read the story test to my students. However, I read the grammar tests to them, and all of our math, science, social studies and health tests.


Reading tests

The only tests our children are given are the end of chapter math assessments. I read those to children who need it. My goal is to know their skills as a mathematician not as a reader.


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Reading content area test

I do read the Science, Social studies and even the grammar test the first few times until they are familiar with the test format. Then I gradually pull back. After a while I'll ask how many still want the test read. Depending on the number of students that still need help I'll continue to read it and tell the others to go on and work at there own pace. Reading difficulty shouldn't interfer with their understanding of the content.