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Reading the selection



I was wondering if there are any other ways that we can read the story as a group and check for comprehension. I read it to them the first day and ask questions. The next day we hear it on tape, the following day we may read in a small group or take turns and then they partner read. I'm hesitant about letting them read on their own because so many wouldn't do it or can't do it. Of course, I have varying comprehension activities all days as well. Are there any other ways to read the text together?


Ways to read a story to check for comprehensi

We do something called "Everybody Read To..." I say "Everybody read to page ____ to find out what features the Titanic had that made everyone feel safe." I post this on the board and we read the entire story together in this fashion.

nicole e.

get them started

I understand what you're saying about some not being able to/not feeling like independently read the story. I try to balance this by reading the first part of a story with lots of dramatization and then inviting them to finish it on their own. If you set the mood, read the introductory pages with some of the challenging vocab. on it, they are more motivated and have a better background to successfully read the rest. Hope this helps! In addition, I sometimes give the students their own choice, read independently or read with me. That way, those who are able aren't being dragged down by those who can't. Hope these ideas help!