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reading versus tv challenge



I was thinking of having a class / student challenge to record how many hours a night they watch tv compared to reading. I wanted to record this some how fun and maybe win a prize for the most improved, or certain number of class hours or something. I love the idea but don't quite know the best way to handle this.
Anyone ever tried this before or have a good idea?



I am a 7th grade teacher in Illinois, and I have done this before. I would try the approach of having your students not watch TV for a whole week, and instead do something productive: read a book, study, write, etc. The student who does the most productive thing or the person who reads the most, (or whatever ideas you have concocted) gets a special prize. I would consider maybe a free book, not including candy because these things I have realized influence kids to work harder just to get rewarded, but teach them to work harder and to enjoy it, and work harder because they actually want to, not because they are forced to.
Hope this gave you some good ideas!