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Real estate poll-prices going down?


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I was reading an article that says that many areas in the US are experiencing a collapse or slowdown in the real estate market. I live on Long Island (suburb of NYC). I checked today's paper and I found many houses in the real estate sectionare listed with "reduced" or "improved" prices. Is this happening where you live?


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Not that I've seen

I live in S. Louisiana, and our prices have gone way up, most likely due to the shortage of housing after Katrina. Houses in our neighborhood are now going for $20K more than what we paid when we moved here last summer, and they're not on the market long at all.


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I noticed that too

I was just having this conversation this morning as I was reading the paper. The price for houses has dropped in Northern NJ. In my town the houses used to go for $500,000 to $700,000. I did not see one house sold for over $400,000. This makes me feel good. I might be able to buy a house now!

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Cost to on the Rise

I live in Calfornia, about two-hour drive from San Francisco. In our area, they are still paving over orchards (farms) and putting in big square houses because people from SF are willing to commute.

So, the prices around here continue to rise. We could not offord to buy our home the way the market is.


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Not going down here

I am currently in the "market" (both buying and selling) and the prices here are crazy! I am in the Los Angeles area and we are in an 1160 sq ft condo...it is selling for $450k and we are currently bidding (keeping our fingers crossed for a good phone call within the hour!!) on a 900 SQ FT house for $550k! Ahhhh:eek: And that house is the cheapest we have found in our area. Most houses around it are going for at least $50k to $100k more. I don't know how other people are going to get into the market now. It is ridiculous!


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on the rise here

I live in south Mississippi, and the housing prices have skyrocketed here since Katrina. If I sold my house right now, it would go for almost double what I paid for it just 3 years ago! I feel sorry for people that were renting and/or lost their house due to the storm. I don't know how they're affording a house! Our paychecks sure haven't increased! The good news is that we have a rental house that we're getting ready to sell - so hopefully it won't stay on the market long!


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slow market

I'm in Ohio. We are currently trying to sell a beautiful, two-story 2000 square foot house with two acres for $189,000. We are thinking about lowering the price because it has been on the market for half a year and absolutely no bids. There are tons of other houses in our neighborhood that are not selling. If you are looking for affordable housing----come to Ohio!