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Real Teacher vs "Just a living body"



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I know we have a "teacher shortage". However, that does not mean simply putting a 'breathing body' in the classroom.
My Principal had to hire new teachers without any input from the dept heads (I am the head of SS in my building). I had asked her numerous times if she needed me to sit in on interviews, and she said no.

Anyhow, she hired this woman who subbed in our district. She does not have her degree and has failed the Praxis content test 4 times. She says she just 'loves history'. So my principal put her on my team.

I met with my district supervisor today, and she said that she never would have hired this person, and told my principal not to. However, my principal is a control freak and always has to do things her way.

My problem is that now I will have to teach with this person (we both will be teaching 8th-grade civics and economics). Already, when I told this person that this is what we must cover (we have a state assessment), the new 'teacher' told me that she didn't think she would do that because the kids don't like it. She stated that she wants to be the kids 'favorite teacher' and the 'cool teacher'.

Can I leave now? <eyeroll>


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A living body

Step up to the plate as head of the department and give her a hard no. “We teach such and such and that is what is expected of you.” When she goes up in flames, the parents will go screaming to your P.


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I agree with Keltikmom. Throw some department head weight around. Maybe this is the year that your department starts using shared milestone assessments...


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Document everything. Put as much as possible in emails, even to the point of summarizing meetings. “On the Aug. 10 meeting, we agreed to….” Put in details and include her response if she declined to cooperate. Send meeting minutes to the principal.

I agree that you need to step up. It’s going to be a long year.


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Time for a come-to-Jesus talk on what her job entails and all (ALL) the expectations that go with it. And document everything.


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I'm going to guess you get a small stipend for being department head. It is not enough to hold this person's hand. There is just so much you can do, especially if she doesn't want to listen. As others have stated, document your conversations and let it go. Your sanity is more important.

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Administrator’s job…

It is the district supervisor’s job and certainly the principal’s to supervise this person’s lessons. Have you officially been assigned to mentor her? You shared the curriculum, if she chooses to ignore it, it’s on her. I would be as helpful as you feel you could (definitely document if you share materials), but there is only so much you can do. It was not your choice to hire her.