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Recess and Consequences



I wanted some feedback on a RECESS subject in Kind. I am a mother and a teacher. My daughter is in Kind. and I saw today that she had to miss her recess for pinching another student. Pinching is definitely not acceptable but we have to decide what consequence a student should get. Should a Kind. miss a whole entire recess of 20 minutes? When do they get to run off some of that energy that they have and sometimes causes them to get in trouble in the classroom? Are there any educational studies about recess, how much time a grade gets, what recess is actually for? I would like to know some of that studied information.


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oh my, this is such a sensitive issue for our principal too. Children should not loose a WHOLE recess unless they have been sent to the office for a very serious offense, (fighting, disrepecting a teacher etc) for Kinder. 2-3 minutes is an eternity. We have ours stand and watch the other play. Then we ask them "why are you on this time out?" if they can't tell, we make them wait and think one more min. then ask again, usually they remember, if not we remind them. Then we ask them to tell what they could have done instead. We also talk to them about what good things they can do etc.

Usually it works after a time or two. Otherwise a note is sent home.



In North Carolina, teachers are not allowed to take away a recess period. It's a state mandate that children must get their time to run and play from sitting most of the day. See what your state laws are and good luck!

Laura S.

Missing recess

I agree that children need recess. Some schools do not have recess. Recess is a privledge (unless your school/state uses it for PE time). However 5-6 minutes is age approprite for kindergarten students.
But pinching is an offence that could have been sent to the principal. If one child accosts another in that manner it is not acceptable. In a no tollerance area it could be assault. Missing recess is minor for assult.
Over all I see both sides of the coin.


I see two issues here: 1) missing recess and 2) What was the antacedent to the pinching? I don't believe any child should miss out on recess, ever! Not only do they need to blow off steam, their brains and bodies need the physical activity to assist in learning (plenty of new research on that! see Talris.org).
The second issue may be where you need to look. Behavior is communication... what was she communicating and to whom? I'd be visiting her teacher to get the whole story and maybe chat with the vicitm as well. Could very well be that your daughter had put up with another child's behavior long enough and retaliated in the only way she knew how to enforce her needs... or maybe she misinterpreted the behavior of the other child. Either case, both children need to be involved in the resolution.
Good Luck!