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I am venting here because I can't access the vent board. This is long..

My students are exposed to, allowed access to, some very disturbing things on social media and video games. In the beginning of the year it was squid games and Pennywise. Now it is huggy wuggy. They have been hugging and then running away yelling
"huggy wuggy," One child was hitting others in the belly. He said that it was an accident, he was "pretending to stab with a knife." Heaven help us. I looked huggy wuggy up. It's just awful. So I made a no huggy wuggy rule and informed parents that I would not tolerate the children playing it. I had push back. A parent said all children are different and that her child loves huggy wuggy, that it's his best friend. Once again, heaven help us. It makes me so angry and sad.

I read that this is a problem everywhere, not just the US.


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We’ve had to ban Huggy Wuggy and other recess games based on video games. Luckily the younger teachers are tech savvy and told us about the games- I had no idea!

Any games related to any violence are not allowed! No pushback from parents.


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I cannot believe a parent would push back on that. His best friend? That poor kid. We haven't had the issue with huggy wuggy but I have heard that it's a problem in a lot of places. We had first graders playing squid games in the beginning of the year.

I truly feel bad for parents now because kids are exposed to so much so fast. It doesn't matter how vigilant you are at home, they will see it elsewhere.