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Recommendation help


New Member
I am going to a job fair in march and I am requesting recommendations from teachers and people I have worked with. I was wondering what I should ask them to write? Should they address the letter to "To who it may concern" since I am applying to more than one district? What other information should I request them to write about? Any suggestions would be a big help!! Thanks.


Ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you and what it's for. If you've worked with them, they should know your work ethics and teaching styles. They should write "To Whom It May Concern" since you are applying to more than one district. Also you can use the letters in the future too.


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If they ask you, you might want to get them a list of your accomplishments to refresh their memory. I had an assitant principal ask me before and came up with a few off the top of my head. After they agree, maybe you could ask them if they would like a list from you to help them. If you ever wrote a recommendation letter you know it can sometimes be difficult to know what to say even when you really liked someone.
Yes, have them address it "to whom it may concern".


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That helps a lot. I really was unsure how to pose my recommendations to them. I asked a teacher yesterday and she was wanted me to give her information of what to write. The idea about listing qualities that I possess is a really good one. Two of my recommendations are from my mentor teachers from student teaching so I can also ask them to refer to the feedback they gave me concerning my teaching style and my interaction with my students.