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red ribbon ideas for K's


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What kinds of things do you do with kindergarteners for drug awareness? We are decorating a door with a catchy slogan and the entire school is making a huge banner of handprints with a slogan, but what else is there? Are there any lesson plans that you can share with me? I'd appreciate it.


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Wednesday is red day and everyone is encouraged to wear red. Our high school will tye red ribbons on the cars at the football game Friday night..


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Red Ribbon Week at my school

Thanks, Petunia for sharing your idea. I like the idea of tying red ribbons on the cars. I think I will adapt that to getting large red ribbons (the ones that you find at Christmastime) and put one on every door in the school. We are also doing specific things each day for Red Ribbon Week. On Monday, we are tracing, cutting out, and signing red handprints to state "Hand in Hand, Let's Take a Stand to be Drug-Free!". Tuesday we are all wearing sunglasses to "shade" out drugs day. :cool: On Wednesday, we are all wearing sweats to show that staying drug-free is no "sweat". On Thursday, we are all wearing sneakers (private school) so that we don't let drugs "sneak" up on you. On Friday, we are all wearing red, as well as cray or mismatched socks to "sock it" to drugs day!" We will end with a door decorating contest.:s)


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Taking care of our bodies

I teach K4's and I feel this is too young to be trying to explain 'drugs' to children. (even 5yo's) I focus the week on good healthy habits. one day will be good food, another good exercise, another good hygeine, etc. I have a few handouts and a few activities, I use the TREND food pyramid and have the kids bring in pics or drawing of good food and add it to my board. I encourage them to try a new sport and/or draw me a pic of them doing a sport. Teach a few new games at recess.

I also teach them it is ok for them to respectfully request adults not smoke around them. (very respectfully!!!:) ) We talk about what things they can do to stay healthy all their life.

Keep it positive. We also participate in the school wide theme days as well. Wear the read wristbands etc.


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Help me with an idea for RED RIBBON WEEK

I have a theme to come up with a DOOR DECORATION The theme is
"Plant The Promise"