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red ribbon lessons for 4th



Hi all,

I was wondering what you did for Red Ribbon week. Today we all wore red, but I would like to do a lesson and follow up with my fourth graders on Friday. I was just wondering what others do with their students as I am drawing a blank! Any ideas shared would be greatly appreciated!



Senior Member

We made pennants to hang outside our room. They put messages about drugs on them. Friday the whole school is going out on the playground for an activity. Each student in the room took a strip of red paper to make a single chain link. Then we linked the chains together for the classroom. All the other classes are doing this too. Then we will link all our class chains together out on the playground with the kids making a huge circle. "Chain up Drugs is our motto for the event. The newspaper is coming to take a picture. Oh, each student put their name on their link beore we stapled them together. You could do this just with your class making each child do a couple of links depending on the size of the class. Hope this helps. Good luck!Oh make sure you staple the links together instead of gluing them and if you go outside make sure you have an extra link to chain the others together and bring your stapler.