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I am not on yet, having issues logging on. Will try another day. No idea about the speculation, I thought it was my phone so hadn’t been on. Phone has been playing games. Finally went on iPad and could respond to chat, but couldn’t get anywhere else. Changed the URL originally entered from .net to .org and got on.


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I first noticed a thread in this Lounge section on Oct. 11th with people saying they've had a hard time accessing this board and getting malaware. It was also said that the board editors haven't responded to anyone in a long time. I guess everyone's pretty much only posting in the Lounge section these days. No one knows how much longer this board will last.

Here's ths first thread I personally noticed:

It never affected me personally with anything harmful.

Some have joined and moved to Reddit, FB, and/or AtoZ Teacher Stuff.


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PT Reddit Group info and link :)

Hey PT friends,

There are some of us who didn't want to join Facebook for various reasons. So we made a PT community on Reddit. We would love to have you as a member of our subreddit. If you're interested, please follow the link below. You can read posts and respond immediately. If you want to start your own thread, please ask permission. Once approved, you're fully authorized from that point on. Most of us aren't Reddit experts but we're learning together. We just figured out how to add rooms, similar to the boards on PT.

It's sad that we're not able to stay together, and we already miss our friends who are at Facebook. Thanks for the camaraderie, and we wish you all the best!