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refreshments for parents


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My class recently finished studying animals and as a culminating project, they researched different animals and created posters. I've invited the parents into class this week to see the final results.

I'd like to provide some light refreshments, but I'm having trouble coming up with a cheap, easy idea that can feed 50+ people (25 students + parents). Any suggestions?


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It would be fun (and easy) to do something related to animals. Animal crackers and gummy bears are my first thought, but I'm sure there are others. If there are things that specific animals like, maybe you can do that (i.e., monkeys like bananas, elephants like peanuts, etc...). You could have your table set up with cute little signs (the kids could decorate them) that explain each one or have a picture of that animal on it. For drinks, I would just buy some fruit punch and call it "jungle juice".


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animal menu

I had a similar idea as the previous poster.
Animal crackers

teddy grahams

gummy animals & worms

You could get the paper plates that look like the different animals.

You could also have cup cakes and just put teddy grahams or animal crackers on top to represent different animals.

Marie from Pa


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I like the ideas posted. I would also have a volunteer sign up for parents to bring it in. Unless you have a budget for this, I think they should chip in too.


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Parents and refreshments

Are you sure all 50 parents will show?

I like the theme of animal snacks.
How about snacks animals would eat?
Each child could bring in a snack related to the animal they researched?

Mrs. G

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I think animal cookie (wal-mart sells a huge bag for $1.65) and fruit punch would be very simple and cheap.