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relatives meeting each other



I am getting married and am so nervous about certain relatives meeting each other. My parents are divorced. I grew up with my mother. I would visit my dad and stepmother on the weekends, but they had nothing to do with my social life. They never came to dance recitals, school programs or even my high school graduation. My mom came to all that stuff. My dad just wan't interested. So my stepmother has never met my mother. I find that kind of odd since my dad and stepmother have been married for over 15 years.
I discussed this with my stepmother and she still sees no reason to meet my mother until the rehearsal dinner. That makes me really nervous. My stepmother even though she has never met my mother used to hate her. She no longer bad mouths her, but still I think it is important for my stepmother and my mother to meet so that they can learn to be civil to each other before such a big event, and if a fight should occur it does not happen at the rehearsal dinner. My mother said she'd be fine with meeting my stepmother, but my stepmother keeps putting me off every time I suggest her meeting my mom. Now my mom and stepmom have talked on the phone before, but they've never met face to face or even seen a picture of the other. They don't even know what the other looks like. I am just so nervous about them meeting.


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You have good reason to be nervous

But, if your mom and your step-mom love you, they will remember that the wedding is all about you and your husband on your very special day. Hopefully, they can be gracious with one another for your sake; however, maybe you can help a little with a good seating arrangement during the dinner and the ceremony. Good luck and congratulations on your wedding!