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report card grades are due and...

lil annie

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...the PE teacher went out of town without putting them in our boxes. :mad: We have to have grades entered in a cantankerous report card program before leaving on Monday. EVERYONE in the district has to be use it at the same time and it will only accomodate about 1/3 of the teachers at 1 time. She did this last 6 weeks, too. I'm thinking that if she had to enter the PE grades for every student in our school, she'd get them to us in a timely manner next time.


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What does the principal say??? My principal would NOT stand for that. She sent out a reminder to the Specials teachers about grades and gave them a deadline which was the Friday BEFORE our Thursday conferences. Also, what kind of program is that where only a few teachers can do it at one time? Ours are on the computer as well, but we have a read only document and we save it to our computer/flash drive and go from there. I don't blame you for being upset. I'd just put Satisfactory or whatever yours is on all of them. It's not your fault if that's not what she wanted them to be. :eek:


I would not ask her for the grades. I'd leave it blank.

I actually did this once. Our music teacher was notorious for not giving us grades. He'd wander into the teachers' room at one lunch and announce 'unless I tell you differently give everyone an S'
Then he'd expect the teachers at that lunch to pass the message on to the rest of us.
One year I had a class to remember. Every week he'd complain about them when I picked them up from music class. Report card time came and he never said a word to me. I was not present when he made his announcement so I ignored it for if I had been I would have said something to him.
I left the music grades on the cards blank. When I handed them out and the students said "I" had forgetten to give them grades I told them that Mr Music had not given them to me and to ask Mr Music about their grade.
Not one parent complained to me. Not a word from administration.
But from then on I got written grades in my box (even if it said give all students an S)

If you don't want to leave them blank you need to say something to the PE teacher so this will not reoccur. Sometimes you have to be blunt, in a nice way. 'Ms PE, our school report card system only accepts a certain number of teachers logged on at one time. You need to get me your grades earlier so that I can access the system in a timely manner'. If it continues go to your principal and have him or her set a date for specialist grades to be given to teachers.

We finally switched to a system that allows specialists to input their own grades. Now they finally realize how much work report cards are as they have to enter grades for each and every student.


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Grades on report card

Before the days of putting grades on a computer, I once did the same thing as marguarite2 with the PE teacher. No amount of hounding would get Mr. PE to give us the grades in a timely manner, so come conference time I told the parents to connect with him.

It didn't happen again.

My husband is the techie guru at school and in charge of printing reports cards now that we have PowerSchool. He gives the teachers a lot of lead time, but when it comes to printing - he prints. After a few "situations," teachers finally took him at his word and get their grades in on time. For the teacher, it may be only a few grades, but for my husband it's 300+ reports.

lil annie

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I'd have loved to have left them blank, but it's my name that pops up on the missing grade report and I'm the one who has to enter them. If your district ever considers adopting a program called Chancery, RUN!!!!!