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Report Cards - ACK!

CO teach

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I just need to take a minute to vent about report cards. They are my least favorite thing about the school year! I can't stand computing all the grades, figuring out who's missing which assignments, filling in all the comments, etc. It is a tedious chore! I wish I could just call the parents and say, "Your child is doing great/fine/not well" and then discuss what we can do! I swear none of my parents even look at them, let alone read the comments. If they do look, none of them ever call to find out what they can do to help their child.

Have you ever had the moment where you think you should just give them all A's and take the easy way out?? ;)


report cards

We used to have to do report cards by hand, but now they are computer generated.

If you don't have a program, you could probably make a spreadsheet on EXCEL that will compute everything for you. I can't imagine doing report cards now without a computer program. I am spoiled. :|

Yes, sometimes I think it would be easier to give them all A's, especially when administration tells us to pass certain kids. But then my senses kick in. A's go to the kids who deserve them, not the slackers. It would be worse for me to enable a slacker.

Check to see Grade Speed or Grade Quick would be options for your campus/district. They make life easier! Grade Speed generates the report cards for you and you just plug in letters for comments.

Report cards are one of the least favorite jobs I do. I feel for you.

CO teach

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Thank God!

My report cards are DONE!!!! Today couldn't have been a happier day. My kids were well behaved while I conferenced with them about their grades and I don't have to compute grades for another three months!!! YAY!!!!!

fl teach

Report Cards

I HATE doing report cards as well. My least favorite part is doing comments. Even though the parents don't pay too much attention to the report cards our administration does. My VP went over my last report card comments and I had to change stupid stuff. Instead of saying - Your child could use some extra help with practicing his/her math facts. I had to change it to say - Your child could use some extra help with practicing his/her math facts AT HOME. Please! The worst part is some of the stupid things like that was in the middle of my writing and I had to white out half of it and write it again. It was very attractive once I was finished. I WISH I COULD DO MY REPORT CARDS ON THE COMPUTER. I hate to write anymore.