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Reporting back to the regular teacher


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I always try to leave a detailed report for the teacher after subbing. Today, I found a standardized form that the school I subbed for used to use - I found a copy and wasn't asked to submit one, so I guess they aren't doing this anymore.

However, I thought it was such a good idea, and it looks so professional, that I made a copy and brought it home and typed up my own version!

My version has my name, phone number, email address, and includes blanks for the regular teacher's name, the date, and students absent.

Then, I made boxes for categories: "Most of the students...." followed classroom rules, worked hard on assignments, etc. "The following students..." were especially helpful, did something special, etc.

Because I mostly teach middle and high school, then I typed: Period ____ with lines after it for special notes. I included five periods.

At the end, I typed: "Thank you for having me substitute teach for you today! If you have any feedback or constructive criticism, please feel free to call or email me!"

If anyone would like to have a copy of what I typed up, send me an email and I will be happy to send the file to you. I am not sure how well this will work out in practice, but it seems like a good idea & hopefully will save some time. My email address is jackie@naos.org


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You've got mail! I used to do something like this when I subbed many years ago. I'd love to see what you've come up with. It takes forever to write notes sometimes at the end of the day.


Mrs. Monica

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I have a form to leave for Elem. teachers!

I made up my own form to leave for teachers in grades pre-k through 4th grade (we switch to hourly class changes in 5th grade). I would like a copy of yours to see if mine could be tweeked. Also, to just have what I need for my rare jr. high and high school assignments. thanks.

I would be happy to share my form with anyone who is interested. Although, my computer skills are limited and I'm not sure I know how to "send a file". I know, I'm pathetic, aren't I? But, I'm confident that I'm a great teacher! :D

I also have a form that I fill out for myself when checking out a new classroom for the first time. Then I keep this record so I know the pitfalls if I'm called for that teacher again. Recently, I had a regular teacher ask to see my forms. She was so impressed that she requested me to sub for her class the next day! :)


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Let's share!

I would love to see your forms too! Email me at jackie@naos.org and I will send you the one I made up and hopefully, you can send me yours. I can probably walk you through the steps on attaching a file.


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Form Letter

I leave a form letter too. Mine is attached. Some of the font faces might not work as they are special ones. :s)
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Click on the paperclip when you are typing your reply. Then browse to find the file you want and click upload. Viola! There it is. Let me know if you need more specific help. :) Good luck! :p


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I think you have to have posted at least 25 times (jr. member) to have the paper clip appear as a choice.