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request for Valentine ideas


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If you've read my posts, you know I started mid-year at my first teaching job. I teach 5th.

What sort of things have you done for a Valentine's party for this age group? Also, I have 13 boys and 5 girls, so I know anything fru-fru won't fly. :-) Thanks in advance for ideas/suggestions!


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Candy letters

A fellow teacher gave students conversation hearts (the ones with silly things written on them). The students had to write a letter to a family member and glue the hearts in as part of the message. You could also have them write a poem or story and mount on construction paper. The students loved the activity!

Miss C

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I don't suppose this is really a "party idea" per se, but my kids are making Valentines for one another. They'll have to make one for each of thier classmates with a message that says, "I thank God for you because........." This will encourage them to think of why they appreciate each student in our class. Also, could they make Valentines for other classes in your school? Like one for each of the 5th grades, etc.? Just a thought..... :)

Carrie in WV

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We are going to

have a contest making Valentine "holders". This is something that the guys like as well as my girls. (I teach 5th.) We had robots (whose hearts lit up!) and basketball hoops where you had to "dunk" your valentine card to give it away, along with the girly ones. They LOVED it! We had several different categories and I let the kids vote.

Leona Schell

Valentine Ideas

Hi Jalon, how about having your class participate by putting together gift packets for animals in your local shelter. Perhaps they could have a trip to deliver them or they could have a representative come and the class could present at that time. If the rep could bring a shelter animal with him/her that would be great.


Valentine Party Idea

When I taught 5th grade, I found out that the students didn't really get into much party food. They were more interested in opening their valentines. I provided the ice cream of their choice & the students brought the toppings: whipped cream. nuts, bananas, strawberry, caramel, hot fudge, pineapple toppings sprinkles, crushed Oreos are some examples.

My students made their Valentine holders with a Valentine doilly pasted on the front of a piece of construction paper & a variety of smaller valentines cut out of corresponding colors pasted on the front. I stapled
another piece of construction paper to the first & added the student's
name on the front. If you have small school pictures, you could paste them on the front, too.


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When I taught 5th, the students were more interested in talking than anything else. We did have a contest ahead of time, where the kids had to decorate a shoe box to hold their valentines, and it was due the day of the party. I put them all in the hallway to judge them, while the room mom was setting up snacks in the room. I gave out a certificate to each student, with different titles for winning - everyone's won something (most creative, funniest, scariest, tallest, etc... - you can easily come up with something for each). They loved that!