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Research Ideas ...


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Hello all,

This might sound like an odd request but I'm a new history teacher and I don't have a background in education. (Although I do have an MA in my field). I'm wondering about how to go about teaching my 7th graders the research and writing process. I want them to research a topic, event, or person, develop a thesis, and critically weigh and evaluate evidence in an expository paper.

I'm a little unsure of the process 7th graders should go through, although I do know what I want them to learn.

When I did my MA, all I did was read everything I could on a topic and then write, refine, and write until I was clearly stating what needed to be said. I had an eclectic way of writing and doing research. I'm not sure that would work for 12 year olds.

The process is fairly intuitive for me, but I have a hard time explaining the process to my 7th graders.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a good book someone could point me to that defines and explains steps necessary for writing a history research paper appropriate for 7th graders?



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Talk to the English teacher who also teaches these students. It might be that the two of you could do something together. She could give a grade for writing techniques, and you could give a grade for content.