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I have a child who struggles with everything at school. She has language delay issues, ADD, and other issues as well. Her IEP calls for her to receive resource room services 5 times a week for 40 minutes. The resource room teacher is supposed to come to the room to talk to me about what she is supposed to work on that day. The teacher shows up 15 minutes late at least twice a week. The little girl is supposed to have time and a half to complete tests and sometimes it takes her two periods to finish a test because the teacher is late. She also brings the child back early. I feel that this kid (who needs all the help she can get) is being shortchanged. How do I address this in a way that doesn't put the teacher on the defensive? She told me the other day that she is having trouble remembering which child she sees when. I offered to send the girl to her classroom when it is time for her to have services but I think that the teacher needs to get on the ball. How would you handle this?


resource teacher

Your student is definitely being shortchanged. I would ask for a meeting with your resource teacher as soon as possible. Ask her politely if there is a way you can both help each other with the schedule. Express your concerns about the time your student is getting and the time you feel she needs. Maybe you could offer to send your student with a buddy to the resource classroom to meet the teacher? Let us know how it goes. :)


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I would get this straighten around real quick for if she is on an IEP you had to sign it and you are partly responsible to see that her educational plan is being followed through. I would document everything on the time the teacher is late etc. I would personally talk to the teacher and explain that you will do everything you can to help her get on track with this child. I would not be worried about offending her, for you need to cover your tracks too. The most important person here is the child and at this time it does not seem that she is getting the time that she needs.If this continues i would go to the principal and get this settled.