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Retelling lesson and observation


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Any ideas would help! I have an observation coming up soon, and will be focusing on retelling and the aspect of using first, next, then, last, finally, so kids can understand that this is part of the retelling process.
I know I need to have some way of assessing their understanding.
What can I use for this? Other than listening to them in their retelling individually?


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an idea

What about reading a story(read it a few times before the observation-so they are familiar with the story) and divide a paper into the number boxes that match the number of details you want them to tell (maybe 4 boxes- beginning, middle, middle, end) then as you read the story have them draw pictures to show what happens at each part of the story or have them draw after the story is over. I did something similar for visualizing and didn't show the pictures. If you had to you could even create some sort of rubric that says how many parts they were able to identify.