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Retired problems


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Someone asked if we feel guilty being retired…sometimes! We retired just as our youngest started a career. I thing they are happy for us though. Here’s a text showing the “what day is it?” faux pas. (He loves to get a bike ride in every day)

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Ima Teacher

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It was bad enough remembering the day when I was working. Now? Not a chance. DH says retired weeks consist of 6 Saturdays and one Sunday.


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Thanks for the laugh!

I lose track of days all the time. We signed up to go to a holiday party tonight. I realized this morning that I can’t go because I tutor tonight. It didn’t cross my mind all week. Luckily dh will still go.


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I lose track of days too once in a while now that I am retired. I have to know though if it is a weekend or Mondays because I always have places to go or people for dinner on those days. Most of my friends here are not retired yet. I am paving the way for them. :) When they get going on the school issues, all I can think is how thankful I am to be retired.