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Retirement parties?


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What is SOP for someone in your building that is retiring? What type of party, etc.?
The problem is we have to plan a retirement party for someone that a lot of people didn't really care for. She wants a big gathering at a local country club. Most people don't want to spend that kind of money on someone that they don't care for, and many of staff have young families and can't afford a large lavish party.
There's a lot more to this story but I was curious what other people do for retirements.

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Retirement Dinner

Our Teachers' Association has a recognition/retirement dinner at a local hotel. 25 year employees are honored, as well as retirees from the entire district. Our district has three elementary schools, a middle school and a high school, and it a suburban one. The dinner is pricey, and some years, it is more well-attended than others.They are given a gift like a silver frame that is engraved from the Associaton. At the building level, we also honor our retirees, but that is at someone's home, or a nice restaurant. $250 from our building social fund is used to get the person a piece of jewelry from the staff. We used to have a lot of long, flowery speeches, but that was cut at the request of the retirees. The problem with that also was if someone was popular and well-known, they would have a very different speech than someone who wasn't liked or who no one knew very well. There also is a program where a page is devoted to writing about the person.


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Hi Mrs. B!

I'm not sure what they do at the district level, but at the building level they have a retirement luncheon on the last day of school (clerical day) for all of the teachers. Salvatore's caters it and because it's during the day everyone goes, but its nice because its very informal.



Our Sunshine committee takes care of the retirement party for our school. One year, I was in charge. Found some really cute : TOP TEN Reasons to Retire....geared just for teachers. Google it! :)


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Thanks Triana

I checked the website for the place you mentioned. I've heard of them. I'm going to contact them Monday. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a big bash no matter what.



We have a party in our cafetiria or teacher's lounge usually. It's towards the end of the school year after school. At the party, there is food, sometimes games, etc. Each teacher writes a letter or puts something together to add to a book that is made for the retiring teacher. These usually are the memories that we have this teacher, what we like about this teacher, best wishes, etc. We all give some money and then use that to buy a gift. The gift is usually a gift card to a restaurant, but sometimes it's something different.