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Returning in person



I am so upset. Our school (charter - side note, its a good school) wants to push reopening when the local districts have already elected to start remotely. How is this fair?! I don’t feel safe going in person and I honestly feel like if they go ahead with this plan, I’ll be forced to quit. I refuse to put my job over my health. I know it’ll be hard to find a job in the upcoming years and I really love this school - but no job is worth my health. Just needed to sign out and vent. :( I’m so upset that they want to push this. Normally I am on board because they are responsible and show good leadership, but come on. If local districts (and also many across the state are now announcing starting the year remotely), why the push to deviate and risk us all?! Most of us are younger but it doesn’t mean anything - everyone is at risk.


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I agree.

Especially with other districts starting remotely. It's a tough choice, but I'd choose leaving as well. I'm set to retire next year. I've thought to myself many times if I will walk and retire early if pushed into unsafe conditions. I tend to think our teachers' union and the threat of legal action will keep public schools in line though. I'm sorry your'e faced with this. It just isn't right.


I’ve been having anxiety attacks the closer we get to reopening. Unable to sleep. I have decided to quit. I can’t put my health or my family’s health in jeopardy. My husband has underlying medical conditions.


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If you quit, quickly get your resume out to area public schools. There will likely be some last minute openings even if they are going back 100% virtual. Not a sure thing, but worth a try.


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Our local districts are going remote only. Our catholic schools are being told to open full time. Sure doesn't make sense.


Thank you guys for the empathy and understanding. I am nowhere close to retirement (it's my 7th year teaching!) but I started teaching later..I would hate to quit now. The fact that we are charter changes things and I know they would only consider remote if our governor stepped in, the way he stepped in in March to mandate. All across this state, districts are making the right move in opting for a remote start, or even a remote full fall term..yet we are here, with them trying to figure out how to reopen so we are there in person. It's frustrating. So now I have to wait until they make the final decision and then let them know what I will do. Praying they get some sense knocked into them :(


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Me too

I’m starting my 15th year but ready to quit as our schools are going back in person (yes in Florida where the virus is out of control). And our school board is also listening to the parents that don’t want their kids in masks. Our “union” has no power here. It’s been very stressful, it’s all I think about, and I am losing sleep as well.


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I may

be in the same boat as you if we have a similar situation as this:
Our local districts are going remote only. Our catholic schools are being told to open full time.
I can see this happening where I am too. That will make my decision easy.


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If they do reopen they are willing to sacrifice us. They said masks are only mandatory while it is a law, then it will just be recommended. A whole grade level of children will be allowed on the playground and then it must be sanitized by the teacher or aides... Then 3 classes can use the cafeteria while the other class will eat in the classroom. Also desks will not be 6 feet apart, but they will be in rows which is deemed safe enough. Temperatures will not be taken or required to be taken.

I have some major concerns. What about the bathroom? Is it going to be sanitized after each use? The bathroom is the place where the virus is most likely to be caught. My school has two bathrooms for every 2 grade levels. Our grade shares with third grade...it just doesn't seem sanitary. We don't know what happens if we get COVID, if we have to use PPO or unpaid leave or if it will even be excused.

Anyway I feel your pain and I will be resigning if they open up on August 17th. Other districts around me around not starting until October or are starting online as well. I work with a charter as well and know they will not likely change their mind unless the state makes them.


The local schools in my area also have decided to reopen face-to-face without requiring students to wear a mask. Our local area has rapidly increasing numbers of spread. It's very concerning.

There's evidence that the virus hangs around in the air, children can get and spread it, and experts agree wearing a mask reduces spread, so I don't understand how it's not reckless to not require masks. They are knowingly putting people in small rooms without the basic safety equipment with a virus that will kill some people. I just don't understand how this is acceptable. What happened to safety first? If I had a choice, I would choose life for myself and family over my job, economic troubles, and my child not getting socialized traditionally.

Personally, it bothers me that there have been many accounts of people who were otherwise healthy and are not in any high risk group dying or becoming very ill. No one knows how their body will respond until they get it. In my small town, just 2 weeks ago, we had a 37 year old man with no known underlying health conditions die from it. There are many reports of healthy people having lingering health problems after having Covid-19. There have been 240+ cases of children getting potentially life threatening whole body inflammation in New York, and I'm sure that's not unique to New York. What are the long term effects?

Another concerning issue is we have many grandparents raising or babysitting and multi-generational homes that this level of exposure in schools will put many at risk. So, we can say it's likely people will get and die from the disease via transmission contacted through schools. There are too many unknowns and a lack of sound universal guidelines that, for me, make reopening seem like playing Russian Roulette.


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Some charters in my area are doing this as well. I think they're hoping to boost their enrollment by picking up students whose parent's might be angry or inconvenienced by the local districts starting with remote learning. I know at least one school that is doing this and they have fairly large class sizes and smaller than average classrooms. I feel for the teachers who have to deal with the consequences of opening fully without any precautions at all.