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Review games


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Okay, we're in constant review mode, practicing for the high stakes testing at the end of the month. How do you keep the student's interest? Does anyone have any review games that have worked for them? I'd appreciate any ideas. I'm running out!


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You didn't mention the grade level, but these ideas are adaptable:

Whole Class:
Around the World
Make up Bingo games on construction paper

2 player:
100's grid--multiplication (draw two cards, mark off the number it adds or multiplies up to, make your draw pile accordingly.)
Number line--same as above with a draw pile, and mark off that number.
"War" game - moves pretty fast

Go look at a teacher's store or Wal-Mart-they have some math games.
There are many websites with ideas as well.


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Do a Google search for Jeopardy or Millionaire Power Point templates and create a game yourself for review. My fifth graders love these and I can save them to use in upcoming years.


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You can make little sets of cards with terms on one and definitions on another. The kids can work in small groups to match them up. My kids enjoy playing these little card games over and over.