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Reward Ideas Needed



To help my students get through these long winter months, I am starting "Dynamite Dollars" in my classroom. The students will receive these "Dollars" (paper tickets) when they are caught doing things above & beyond the call of duty (helping a friend in need, reading extra minutes, etc.)

I am looking for a list of creative rewards that the students can "spend their dollars" on. My list so far includes: sit at the teachers desk, 15 minutes of computer time, eat lunch with the teacher.....

Would you please share other fun rewards that students enjoy in your classroom? THANK YOU!!!!


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*Read a book to another class (perhaps the teacher they had last year?)
*Sit next to a friend
*homework pass
*teacher's assistant for the day (pass out papers, collect papers, take notes to other rooms etc)
*Pick the next class read aloud
*invite their parent in to read a book to the class
*first to pick a classroom job

I'm trying to think of others but that's all I have right now.


Treasure Box

Nice or printed wooden pencils, "gooshy" grips for pencils (they come in decorative designs now), bookmarks, free soda to have during 1 hour of class time, start a simple class scrapbook and let them do one page or layout for a predetermined amount of dollars they build up, little trinkets or games from Oriental Trading, check with your local restaurants for free food or dessert coupons for kids, check the Wal-Mart party favor aisle for stuff, individual free time with how-to-draw books, solataire or games like Izzi or Soduko (sp). That's all I can think of, too.

They like that free homework pass already mentioned--and they never lose that! I'd limit to one per quarter/semester or...parents you shall hear from!!

Carrie in WV

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Some that I use

  • Sit on the floor to do work
  • Change seats with someone for the day
  • Be the first person to eat at lunch
  • Do all class jobs for the day
  • Homework pass
  • Leave off one assignment during seatwork
  • Do 1/2 an assignment during homework
My mind is a little cloudy right now...that's all I can think of at the moment!:)



I write a letter home to explain my system. I request that parents send it items for a store where the kids can spend their dollars. I give examples of things I'd like them to send in to get their ideas flowing.


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one more idea

The ideas stated about are certainly wonderful bit I just have one to add. Last year my second graders earned the privilege of sitting in swivel chairs! I let them use mine but one time I borrowed six chairs from our conference room. The children loved it!



-gets to chew sugar free gum in class
-gets to invite a friend to the room to eat lunch with (set them at a smaller table with tablecloth and flowers
-helps your volunteer parent bake cookies, hands them out
-extra computer time
-chooses the music to play during free choice
-gets to take home one of teachers storybooks


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cap erasers

i use carnival tickets occasionally for rewards for good behavior--and sometimes when reviewing--they are good for 1xc point, stapled onto a paper of that subject.

5 extra minutes of recess--depends on if okay with your school/principal/playground supervisor and fits your schedule

something one of our teachers does (i forget how they earn it...maybe with 100% on previous week's spelling test), but they get to use a gel pen on the next week's spelling test

i have an AR 100 point club prize: you get to pick a theme for the day (i choose a day when nothing else crazy is going on--ha ha! and the student determines the theme: we dress that way, listen to music, perhaps see a short educational video, have food...depends on theme:
sports, clash day, hawaiian, western....