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Rewarding ideas please!


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I am currently tutoring a 12 yr old in reading/Lang arts and I'd like to know what I can use for rewarding good work. Can you give stickers at this age? Any suggestions welcome ..Thank you.

Miss C

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I teach 6th grade (they're 11 and 12 years old). I have three that go to a reading tutor once a week, and they always come back with Skittles. They seem to really like going, and I bet the Skittles have something to do with it. Also, she has a treasure chest thing full of little toys (glow in the dark spiders, etc. Junk basically), and they have to accumulate x number of points in order to take a trip to the treasure chest. They REALLY like that. Hope this helps!:)


Hi.I don't agree in giving awards to a kid in order for him to learn or to continue doing good work.If you do start giving him/her even a sticker they will only count on that,and after they have a different teacher she might hand out awards and they won't have anything to count on.I believe you should make fun learning and that way they will learn because they want to and not because they are getting an award.:)


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Just one student? Sounds great! I think children really LEARN when the reward is the success of learning. With one on one teaching, a lot of the reward is getting alone time with an adult that cares. As a child makes progess, s/he reaps the reward of seeing that s/he can really read - then it becomes self-reinforcing. It's like playing an instrument - it's not too fun until it starts sounding good, and it doesn't sound good until you've practiced for a while.

I always give my students verbal permission to make mistakes while they are learning, you don't come to the lesson already knowing what to do, or there wouldn't be a need for the lesson. As long as the child is trying, mistakes are just part of the process. In my years of teaching, I have found that many children stall out because they believe they should already know how to do something and are afraid to make mistakes.

My 'rewards' are verbal. You have to be careful with verbal encouragements, making certain they are authentic and given after an actual accomplishment. Children see right through platitudes. After a breakthrough, I'll say something like, "Wow!", or "Just listen to you read!" looking the child right in the eye and with a big grin.

Have a wonderful time with your student :-)




stickers, skittles and the treasure box have been a great incentive in my class for years! a sticker chart is used to earn their way to the treasure box, (ex:10 stickers one per day) (less if you tutor once a week) earns you a trip to the treasure box. Skittles are given for listening and following directions at the end of a lesson, and or if student(s) don't pull a card, pencil or ruler all day, a sticker is given and a skittle or two. Etc... get creative and use what works best for each grade level.
You can use this system with students you tutor as well!

Have fun, students really respond well to rewards!!


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Children have to EARN their rewards. Earning a reward requires success on the path of knowledge. Remember, some children will earn more rewards than others. And, that reminded me of Revelation 22:12-13:
12"Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. 13I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. God will reward...so will I! : )