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Riding Freedom


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Any ideas on teaching the book Riding Freedom. We started today and the kids have NO background knowledge. THANKS


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Use Some Picture Books

to build the background.

I believe one of the topics in the book is the American Revolution. Ask your librarian for some picture books which will provide background info on that.

One of the themes is probably Determination, or perhaps Courage. Again, there are several picture books which address that theme.

Take the time to build background knowledge, and the kids will definitely enjoy the book more.


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riding freedom ideas

You might type in book title to google. I also know that edhelper has literature sections that might have some ideas. Rididng Freedom is one of our lit selections from Pegasus. I don't know if they have a website. My students love that book.


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You can find some ideas at pammunozryan.com, the author's website.

You or your students may want to do some research about Concord Coaches.

Enjoy! My students love this book.