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Room decorating organizing help



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I need some ideas for organization and decorations I feel like mine is boring, I have a lot of student work up but it’s not fancy or Pinterest like…
Any quick ideas I could do? To make it more like that way?
I am thinking of about bright work but need some details on how to do it??


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First, let me just say that Pinterest rooms are often way too over the top and busy and distracting. Don't compare yourself - you are probably doing better!

What I've found works for me visually is to choose one neutral color for all of the bulletin board backgrounds. That tends to give things some continuity. My boards are actually all exactly the same - black background with an Eric Carle border. One is for writing, one for artwork, one for our word wall, and one for the calendar wall. Keeping them consistent keeps it from feeling visually overwhelming, and it places the emphasis on the kid's work rather than the adult decorations. That's the most important stuff, anyway. And I like the black because it makes what's on the board really pop.

One of my friends chose to do all of her walls and boards in shades of blue and green. It's so calming, and almost feels like an ocean when you walk in. The boards and walls are various colors, but the borders are all the same.

I think less is always more when it comes to classroom decor and organization.


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I agree that less is more. Too much decor can be overly stimulating for kids. Last school year I was a virtual teacher. My assistant and I took what felt like wasted time btween meetings to redecorate our room. We ended up painting our book and storage shelves navy blue, and everything else is white and gray. There is no chevron, even though I love it, or any patterns like that at all. We love the look and feel of our "new" room.


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I don't think it has to look like pinterest. As others said, that can be too overstimulating anyway.

I make sure the bulletin boards have butcher paper and borders on them, and have some functional anchor charts sprinkled in with a few motivational poster type things, and a board for student work.

My parents were both teachers and growing up, we'd go to both of their rooms multiple times per year to completely change decorations for various seasons or holidays. We'd spend at least a full weekend day there. Looking back, I can't believe we did that. I would never waste my time like that! The only change I make to my room "decor" throughout the year is if I need some sort of new anchor chart based on a new thing we're doing, or to hang up new student work. The student work is no big deal because I just staple it up there right then and there in class, if it's "board-worthy."