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Room parent question

Parent Issue 


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This year I had a sign up sheet at back to school night for class parties. People signed up but not to be a room parent. In September I sent an email to all parents asking for a room parent. A parent told me she would do it. I had no idea she didn’t know what a room parent was/did. It wasn’t until our Halloween party. She was unprepared. She did notify parents to come but didn’t know she was in charge??? Anyway she just sat on her phone texting the whole time. She told me she would be better prepared for our next party. I decided not to do a winter party. I emailed her about Valentine’s and I still haven’t heard back. Do I email again? Send an email to all my parents asking for a new room parent?
Also, I feel like the last few years my room parents have been not as great as the other teachers seem to have (I know I shouldn’t compare). I have talked to my team but they don’t have much advice. I guess tips as well for how you get room parents. I always say contact me for game ideas or any help, but they don’t. I just didn’t know if anyone has some brilliant tips that could help that I haven’t thought of! My school leaves it to us to find room parents not pta.


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Room parents

19 years ago, being a room parent was an “honor” and something all the stay at home moms wanted to do.

Now, a lot less stay at home moms, so no one has the time. I learned to organize my own parties, then pass the exact list of what was needed, time, how much help, etc. to any parent I thought could handle it.


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I did the party sign up, too. What I did was have one of those parents coordinate that party. That way, no one has to do the entire year. They rotate. So instead of a room parent, I had a party coordinator.

My last couple years, I just had the parents provide treats. They were welcome to come (to the 1 party they supplied for) to help out, but I organized some sort of game/acitivity for the class. It was either an engineering activity, or something that completed the curriculum - a math breakout game, or QR code scavenger hunt... I moved away from the parties that remind me of home birthday parties. I don't think those elaborate festivities is what we need to spend our time on.



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Room parents

Our PTA got our room parents. They asked for volunteers of course.
First grade had volunteers.
I liked not having to pick them. They asked me what I wanted party to look like: usually approved snack (bec.of allergies), fun active game, craft. All done in 50-60 min

Just 3 parties a year. Good enough.


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I think you need to be really clear on what the expectations are of the room parent before you have people sign up. I've never had one so I honestly wouldn't know, plus every teacher is different.j

As for the Valentine party, I'd just send a group email to everyone who signed up to get the ball rolling, and then let them do the rest.