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Sad Student

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Hi All,

I have a kiddo that is often sad and clings to the adults in the room very frequently. She is deaf in one ear and tells parents that she is bored and not learning at school. This child is very gifted and reads way above her grade level. I notice that she is mostly sad at drop off and also when it is time to go to the after school care. She tells us that she misses mom and that it is too loud. I am not sure that the kiddo even knows what is bothering her. Parents are blaming the school saying that she is bored and I think it might be separation anxiety. Maybe it is a bit of both....

Do you have any insights, ideas, or tricks for sad kiddos?

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The noise of the classroom can be intense when using one ear. It can confuse the brain and hinder socializing. Perhaps the parents have invented the bored comment because they are not sure what to do with her anxiousness. I would give her as much time as she needs and take a look at just how loud the classroom is at times. Noise is good in classrooms but she is trying to adjust and it is difficult with just one ear working. Perhaps find something she can share with the class..perhaps she could read to the class on occasion?
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my experience

When I was in Kindergarten myself, I had bad separation anxiety from my mom. When I got to school, I would cry for a long time and sometimes my mom had to walk in with me. The teacher gave me a sticker chart and for every day I came to school without crying (or being sad), I got a sticker to put on the chart. At the end of the week, I got a prize if I had a certain number of stickers.

In addition to the sticker chart, my teacher also tried to involve me extra in the classroom. I was also an advanced reader and I would read a story to the class while she graded papers. By the middle of the year, I was acclimated and ready to be in school.

Good luck!


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Thank you for your insight!

Thank you both so much for your response and suggestions. I had her read a reader's theater in front of the class and she loved it! She completely came out of her shell. It actually confuses me a bit more though because she seems to only really actively engage when she is doing something "special" or different from the class. It is a little hard to continue to develop special things for just that student. I have been understanding and patient but it is starting to wear on me. She is very demanding of my attention and it is difficult to balance with so many young kiddos that also need my support. I got a new student this week who is very young and it is hard to balance both of these clingy kiddos with 25 other kids!