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Safari/Jungle Bulletin Board



I am in need of a clever saying for my end of year bulletin board. I have a safari/jungle theme (zebra, elephant, giraffe) and I'm wanting some cute saying about it being the end of the year/moving on to the 4th grade, etc. Any ideas?????


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jungle theme

We are doing this Wild About REading theme next year. Your animals---question---did you buy them, paint them, or have the kids make them?
If so, what else did you include on the board and did the kids paint them?

Anyone else have any ideas? I need all ideas.
teachjam in Alabama


jungle theme

depending on your grade level each child, with some help, could research and create a poster on a specific animal... and maybe even present their findings to the class?!?!

Amy in AL

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More info on Wild About Reading???

I am planning on a Safari/Jungle theme for next year (3rd gr) as well and love the Wild about Reading idea. Do you have more info on that? I haven't started brainstorming too much about the whole Safari thing but I am going to Africa this summer so hopefully I will find some inspiration! I would love any and all info on the theme and the reading program from anyone who has it. Where in AL are you? We could collaborate? I'm in Mobile. :)


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Wild about reading theme

I'm in Tuscaloosa. Our school chooses a theme every year for our reading. Then every nine weeks we reward the kids who meet their individual goals. I need ideas for rewards, and bulletin boards and room decorations. We will reward with reptile snake show one nine wk., trip to the zoo, and other rewards too. Need more ideas from you guys.

cheryl NJ

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I want to do a safari/jungle or tropical island theme for next school year. What type of things or sayings did you have up. Please help!

Amy in AL

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Safari ideas....

Alright, I've heard about reading "huts" that you can make with pvc pipe or bamboo or straw even where small groups or individuals can do literacy circles. Also, a teacher I work with helped me think of a behavior management idea. She said to have a bulletin board with a tree on it (make it 3-d with butcher paper) and then have bananas on their (paper obviously!) that have each child's name on a banana. Use velcro or other sticky device but as a child has been warned or whatever your consequence system is...the child's banana can eventually fall onto the floor if their behavior is poor. Am I explaining this okay? It's just an alternative to something like the red card, green card but it's a little more fun. I have a busy few weeks ahead of me but I'll be back mid-June and will get serious about this. Good luck and keep me posted of ideas! Thanks :)


There's no Monkey business here!
No "Cheata's" allowed
Welcome to the Jungle


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Rainforest theme

I am doing a Rainforest/jungletheme this year are here are some of the bulletin boards and other decorations I have:

Job Board - "Spotted: Good Helpers" (leopard border, leopard cut-out, names are on small pictures of leopards that I will attach each week to different tree branches)

"Star of the Week" - "Top Toucan" (big toucan and feathers that list the topics for the kid of the week)

calendar, schedule, etc. - "Information Hut"

Other sayings for b. boards:

"Flying into First Grade" - (birds, bats, bugs, etc.)
"Mrs. L's Little Explorers" - (safari hats)
"Getting the swing of things" - (monkeys)
"A Bunch of Birthdays" - (monkey with bananas)
"Welcome to the Jungle"
"Leap into learning about..." - (tree frogs, dart frogs)
"Hanging around in Room ____" - (sloth, monkey)

You can decorate with fake Ivy and plants, make trees, etc.


Jungle Theme


I am a new Kindergarten teacher and am also doing a Safari/Jungle theme. I am going to use rafia border around the window and around my desk. You can purchase this stuff at a party store. I am also going to create a coconut tree in the reading area with brown and green paper to do a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme in that area.

I also want to use zebra or various animal print borders for my bulletin boards. I found some really cute jungle print fabric for my windows and will make a cute little valance for the window.

There is a sink in my classroom so Im going to stick blue paper along that wall and place ivy along the edge of the sink and use cute animal shaped soap dispensers.

I hear its best when reading to the kids to use lamps around the room so that they can relax and enjoy the homey setting for storytime. I also have the stuffed animals from the Madagascar movie that I will place on the shelves where the books are.

Good luck to everyone out there. I love hearing about the different ideas you guys have!


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Jungle Theme

I love all the ideas you guys have been sharing. I too am planning a jungle theme for my 5th grade classroom. Outside my room, I am going to paint on butcher paper a lion, a human guide (which will be me) and a giraffe. On the giraffe, I was going to make all the spots have the kids name on them with the saying being "Fifth Grade is a tall order but we have it covered" What do you guys think? Thought I admit I like the bannana idea too. Hmmmm...I have some thinking to do.

I also bought little wooden jungle animals from Michaels Crafts and glued them onto a smaller piece of wood and made these my hall and bathroom passes. And above my book corner I'm going to hang a net with book covers in it. I'm thinking of putting "Get Caught In a Good Book" and have Ivy leaves hanging from it too.

Keep sharing these ideas - I love them!!



catchy saying

I have a jungle theme in my classroom and at the end of the year, my bulletin board says: It's Time to Split for Summer! It is decorated with monkeys and bananas


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I love all of the Jungle ideas. I am a media specialist and was hoping to use some of these ideas for creating the jungle atmosphere in my library. Last year I created a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree. A friend of mine found it while surfing the net. Make the trunk from a plastic pipe (PVC) Lowes has them for about 11 dollars - you might have to cut off about 2 feet. Cover with brown felt. Use an umbrella to create the top of the tree. You will need to cut out all of the fabric from the umbrella. Place the umbrella in the hole at the top of the pipe. Use green felt to create large leaves. Use cut out alphabet to place on the tree or you can buy stuffed alphabet. This makes a great tree. Looking forward to getting more ideas from this board.


Monkey/Jungle theme idea

Hi all,

I did a behavior chart bulletin board (I am a specials music teacher) for all the classes in my school this year and labeled it "We Go Bananas for Good Behavior". I also bought fake (plastic) bananas at Walmart and hot glued them up on the corners of the border! It's really cute and a lot fun!

PS- I also bought monkey pinatas and hung them with vines from the ceiling.

Hope it helps!


pharmacy marketing rep

I need some cute safari sayings to incorporate to my booth at a convention with an audience of nursing home owners and administrators and nurses. Something like "ever feel your pharmacy is "out of africa"? and we're on "target" to exceed your expectations....Do you have any other ideas?


jungle theme

I also might be doing a jungle theme. Because of this being an election year we are putting 8 candidates for next years A R theme, and jungle theme is 1 of the 8 candidates (we are letting the students vote their theme in for next year for their accelerated reading program we offer) If the jungle them wins the election I plan on looking at my wild animals and going with something like going ape over A R, or with a giraffe (because of the long neck) reaching high with reading or an elephant ( An elephant never forgets) I'm going to look at me animals and brainstorm over 1 that is my favorite even if I use a large variety of wild animals. Good luck Debbie

Lynn H

Media specialist

We are doing a wild animal theme in my library this year. I am also looking for cute sayings. I appreciate the ideas I have been shown. I am making an AR wall to chart progress and I want stops along the way to show progress. I thought of having a Reading River and Learning Lake. I thought I'd use "Stuck in Reading" for Quicksand. I am still thinking about jungle grass and a cave. I need more stops along the way too.

Judy Clark

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How about "Searching for Exciting New Adventures in Fifth Grade" and make a safari man with binoculars, along with other safari-like things - amimals, trees.....