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Saxon Math



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My school switched to Saxon for Math this year. Can't say that my teammates and I love it. For those of you that have used it, what are some of the strengths and/or weaknesses that you found in the program? Do you follow the scripts for morning meetings and daily lessons? Do you find the simplicity and repetitiveness of the worksheets helpful?
I am sure this is a topic that has been covered before, but it is the first time for me. :)
Thank you so much for your input.


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Hi Hoppy,
I am recently retired but well familiar with Saxom math. Taught it for 20 years. So repetitive, but kids did learn. No I did not do the entire morning meeting math, good gravy, it would of taken up way too much time. I didn't like the program very much and thought it was missing in a few areas. I would always include teaching the concept of 10 frame. I would teach a couple lessons at a time when appropriate, gosh, getting out and distributing the manipulative a took more time than the one lesson.


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We used Saxon many years ago. I didn't do the morning meeting portion of it and we followed the lessons but sometimes you can easily combine lessons. I rarely ever used the worksheets either. Once in a while, I would laminate the "good" worksheets and place them in a math center with a dry erase marker. Organize the materials in sandwich bags or small tupperwares ahead of time so passing them out is much faster. Give each kid a placemat to keep their manipulatives on - we'd usually form a circle on the floor when working with manipulatives and the placemats kept everyone's things together. For some lessons, I would be able to divide the group into smaller groups to work on specific things (like numeral recognition). One group would be receiving instruction from me in what they needed while the others would be working with manipulatives and doing the occasional worksheet. The math curriculum we use now doesn't work well for differentiation :( We did need to supplement Saxon though - more addition & subtraction (because it was on the report card but not given too much attention in the Saxon lessons) and (like filehead said) we would do a lot more with ten frames & also 3D shapes. If I remember right, we'd get through all the lessons before the end of the year and that was a good time for review and supplement in the areas that were lacking.