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Scared and Nervous college student


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So, I am about to wrap up my second year of college and next fall i will be taking a few of my elementary education classes. As it is getting closer I keep questioning whether this is the right career choice for me. I would like to teach 4th 5th or 6th grade is a public school in St.louis and I am so nervous. I keep telling myself that this is the only career that I like that I absolutely have to have a specific degree to do. My other passion is real estate and I would also like to do that. So I just keep saying that I can get this Education degree and If it is not the right choice for me I can always do something else. I think my biggest fear is that i will not be putting 100% into it and if i do not then I dont think its fair to the kids.! If anyone has any advice or some help I would greatly appreciate it, right now Im scared, nervous, confused and doubtful about so many things and whether this is the right choice for me! I just keep hearing horror story from people my age (21) that it is so much harder than they could have ever imagined! Thanks !!


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Going to college and getting a degree is an expensive proposition. If you think you would like to teach school, then it's worth the sacrifice to get a teaching degree. But if you are kind of ambivilent, maybe you could get a BA in business so that you can work in the business world, and maybe make good money! If you decide you don't like the business world, you can go back and get credentials to teach later on. Lots of people leave the business world to enter the classroom. Since you are so young, you can devote your time to work until you marry and start a family. At that point, if you still want to work but maybe have more time off, that might be the time to get into the teaching world.

I am not married to this perspective, I'm just offering it up a differing point of view as food for thought and to keep your post alive. Maybe someone else will have something to say on your question.


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you need to..

Get into a real classroom for a SIGNIFICANT amount of time! If your college dismisses in early may like a lot do, spend a full week all day every day observing in one classroom. Maybe take note of the responsibilities. Make a list of pros and cons. Interview the teacher, asking him/her what they like and don't like. I know it kind of stinks to spend the beginning of your break like that, but you are at the perfect time in your college career to switch if you think you need to. Put this off, and you may be in too deep.

good luck!!


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My best advice to offer you is to get into a classroom for some observation time and see what you think of the experience. I recently made a literacy center for a first grade classroom and when I got to work with the kids, it gave me an absolute high. It gave me the feeling like teaching was what I was born to do. I am 23 and about to be a student teacher and I wanted to be a physical therapist when I first began college. However I had no passion behind that major. So, get in a classroom and if you don't feel that special something, maybe you should investigate other options. But if you do, it will definitely be worth it!