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Schedule morning soecial


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Hi! I need some advice on how to build a s h duke with a morning special and lunch at 11? The afternoon is 12-3… it seems so long!!! Has anyone had this , how do you fit in math and reading??


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That will be a very long afternoon! I hope you have a recess. If not, I would take them out and do your own.

Can you give more specifics in terms of start time, recess times, length of lunch, etc? That would make it easier.


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Unfortunately it looks like you'll have to do some in the afternoon. I'd try whole group instruction where you can in the morning, and then do small group reading and math in the afternoon. I really prefer to play in the morning, but with your schedule that might not work. I'd try something like

9-9:30 - morning meeting & whole group phonemic awareness
9:30 - specials (how long?)
10:30 - whole group phonics
11 - prepare for lunch
12 - quiet time/story time/whatever you do to help them come down after lunch
12:30 - math
1:30 - recess
1:45 - small group reading/centers (and make many or all of them free play)

Something like that. I usually go through about 10 different schedule options before I decide on one I think I will like.