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Scholastic book packs



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I got an email this week about the 50 for $50 sale. Great price, but what's in the package? Some collections listed titles; others didn't. I really need more nonfiction stuff, and I'm concerned I'll end up with more copies of the usual kids' novel series.


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I took a chance and ordered both the K-2 and 3-4 sets. I know I will get doubles, but I can use them for my birthday books (I give students a book on their birthday). I just couldn't pass up that price!


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Last year I got the 25 for $25. The titles were either holiday, or books that I felt I would have to read to see if they were appropriate. There were just a few good quality books IMHO.


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Loved it in the spring!

I got both packs of $50 for 50 (K-2 and 3-5) in the spring. I got a couple of duplicates, but for the most part I was really happy with what I got. There were several holiday books, but that didn't bother me!