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Scholastic Warehouse sales are coming!


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I'm guessing many of us received the email about the Scholastic Holiday Book Sales (Warehouse Sales.)

<!--schoolbus--> For those who don't know about it, all their warehouse items are discounted:
80% off-
Bestsellers, Chapter Books, Beginning Readers, and Activities
50% off-
Books for All Ages, Software, School Supplies, and More
30% off-
Newest Releases (Never Before Discounted)

(I've gone to these sales for many years, now. I have to admit, some years the offerings are better than others, but for 'end of year' gifts, I often find quite a few good books for my classroom or for student gifts at reduced prices.) <!--schoolhouse-->

From their page of warehouse events listed by state:

Scholastic's Customer Appreciation Warehouse Sales

"At Scholastic Book Fairs, our warehouses are working sites for most of the year. But at the end of each season, we open our doors and offer super values on books, software, teaching resources, and more at our Warehouse Book Sale. It's our way of thanking you for your continued commitment to the education profession and helping children become life long learners.

Warehouse Sales are exclusively for Book Fair chairpeople and volunteers, registered homeschoolers, and school personnel: principals, administrators, faculty, teachers, librarians, media specialists, and other educators."

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Thanks, Risa!

I look forward to these every year. I usually go to the one in CT, but I see there is actually going to be one in a nearby town in NJ. I might have to check that one out. Even if it's smaller, with the cost of gas these days, I might come out ahead! Thanks for the info.


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You're welcome!

I was glad to see a couple of you found this post useful! I just wish the sale would be held a week earlier so I'm not waiting until the 'last minute' to find out if they have a good selection for my students.

Oh well, I'm planning on attending, so I hope it's not a wasted trip! Happy book shopping! <!--thanksgiving1-->


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I'm excited!

This is the first year this sale has been in my area. It's usually 3 - 4 hours away from me so I don't bother to go.

I'm wondering how it works.....does it sell out if you don't go early? They are held here during the week during school hours! I'm thinking of taking a half day personal leave day....is it worth it??



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Scholastic Warehouse sales

I'm wondering how it works.....does it sell out if you don't go early? They are held here during the week during school hours! I'm thinking of taking a half day personal leave day....is it worth it??
I only know what I've seen happen in my area, so this may be different from what happens in other warehouse sales:

I've been going for several years, and each time I've gone, it's been held in the actual local Scholastic warehouse. They have some shelves or areas that are blocked off or covered up to designate that those materials are not for sale. However, because it's in a working warehouse, that still leaves quite a few huge 'warehouse' aisles filled with books and many of the other Scholastic 'toys' that one might find in their flyers.

I can't say that they'd 'sell out' of books, but I'd guess that the more popular titles would be the first to sell. It also depends on the types of books you want. Sometimes I've gone and I've been disappointed, while other times, I've come home with several boxes of books. Sometimes they've had more high level chapter books, and other times they've seemed to have more lower level picture books. I suppose it depends on what your particular warehouse stocks.

I'd hate to advise you to go ahead and take the half day only to be disappointed, but it could also work out that you find some great deals... Maybe you could make a phone call to the warehouse you plan to visit to ask some questions before you take the time off.


scholastic Warehouse Sales

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