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School Beautification Ideas!



I am a first year teacher in the Recovery School District in New Orleans, LA. The school I am currently teaching in is modular, so we have many trailers on a concrete slab. It is very gray (the trailers are all white, rock instead of grass, 10 ft tall wire fence surrounding school)The look of the our school is not reflective of how the educators and students feel! :) I was hoping some of you may have some ideas on how to beautify this lot. Any ideas on how to decorate the fence? The outside of the trailers? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I was also hoping some of you may have some interesting fundraising ideas. The school I am in is new this year and after the storm has $0 in our PTA bank! Any creative, simple, inventive ideas would help greatly!! Thanks so much!


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I am in a trailer too..

We just painted the outside of the trailer bright colors...green on the bottom and blue on the top. How about having the kids help paint a mural or something. Children's artwork is just adorable. :)


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why don't you write to one of the HG TV landscape shows and see if they will take you on as a project.


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Temporary idea

Perhaps to raise spirits word of encouragement could be made in the fence. I drove by a school with a wire fence during the World Series- the kids hade mad the words "Go Red Sox!" by pushing plastic Solo cups through the holes. Maybe you have a school slogan or just inspirational words - a temporary solution but
this may be an inexpensive, but uplifting upgrade for you and the community that passes by. Could the children help paint a mural that has be drawn on the trailer? Our local hardware store give "mistake" paints away for free-those that have not been mixed properly for color. Perhaps you could get some and they could add some tint if you have special colors in mind. One school in our town bought a huge stencil of the continents and one of the United States and painted them at the entrance to the school- colorful and educational. I agree with a previous poster- give HGTV a shot for a really radical makeover! Good luck!<!--leaves_fall-->