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School News...



How is school going for all of the future teachers? I'm taking 3 classes again this semester which require 15 hrours in one class and I think 8 hours in another class of in service field work. YIKES it's strating to get more demanding. I'm looking to cut back on my hours at work by this time next year and quit completely by time I do my student teaching. I have about 2 more years to go about 18 classes left which included prep courses that are required for the certification exams and a semester for student teaching. Well, I just wanted to see how everyone else is doing. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Teresa


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I'm getting so excited!!!

Hi Teresa,
I'm right about where you are. I was originally a el.ed. major then I switched to Secondary Math because I thought it would be easier to find a job. I stuck with it for 3 semesters, but am switching back to el. ed. because that's the only thing I can see myself being happy doing. So I have 22 classes left, but I think they are going to accept 3 of my classes as transfers from another college. Sooooo that leaves me with 19 classes which includes my field experience and student teaching. I'm a stay at home mommy and am getting my degree while I stay at home with them. All of my classes are correspondence. So far everything is going excellent, I am calling my advisor today to redo my schedule for next semester (which starts on March 27th) I'm so excited these will be my first classes that actually have something to do with elementary. So far I've just been taking the growth and development, technology in the classroom, philosophy, you know...the boring ones =)
Well back to the kids and the studies...Stacey