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School Year Resolution



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Today while I was getting ready to work at school, I saw a Frosted Mini Wheats commercial that was talking about "school year resolutions." So that got me thinking..what is your school year resolution?
Mine are to be more organized- keep my materials and desk in order and to be more confident when I communicate with parents!! :D
Haha..maybe I'll do better at keeping these than New Years Resolutions! ;)


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My school year resolution is to keep up with grading/checking papers and putting grades in the gradebook so that I can get work back to the students in an effectively timely manner. :)


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My Resolution...

My resolution is to manage my time more effectively. I tend to socialize during my planning period, and I end up dragging things home. I would really like to keep my work and home lives separate this year. In eight years of teaching, this has never happened. A girl can dream, right?

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Mine is to follow the KISS principle - keep it simple, stupid. :p I tend to get overstressed about small things and make more work for myself than is truly needed. I've already been using this idea when doing back to school stuff and it really is helping.


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love the prep goal

I agree with PP, I tend to socialize after-school instead of making good use of the planning time. My resolution is to improve in that area.

Side note, for those of you who are wanting to work on organization, I don't know if you have seen this blog but this teacher has some AMAZING ideas. She is working on some organizing tips right now! Well, it won't let me post the link, but if you Google Littlest Learners it will pop up as the first listing.

She's been adding more each day so you have to go back a few blogs but then jump ahead for some great blog ideas.


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School Year Resolutions

1. get to work on time
2. keep my classroom clean and organized
3. try to do more grading at school and less socializing
4. call parents more
5. do not get behind on grading


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school year resolution

Every year I tell myself that I am going to get more organized and all and every year I fall short of that. I've come to realize I am the way I am LOL

So for this year, my school year resolution is:

I want to be a true motivator, not only for the students but for other teachers as well. I plan on making a little BTS gift for everyone and really work on what I can do to make a positive atmosphere for everyone.

I know I'm excited about it! Here's hoping it works out!! :D


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Great post idea, btw! Like seeing that there are a ton of others out there that are working on the organization thing.

My resolutions:
1. Use my time wisely at school and save the chit-chat for later
2. Communicate with parents more often about positives
3. Keep up with grading, planning and the copying.


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Several years ago our principal wanted everyone to select from 1-3 goals for him- or herself. I really liked the idea and I've done it every year since then.

I type it up and have 1-3 short explanations of how I'm going to achieve my goals, and then I put this at the very front of my lesson plan notebook.

I haven't done this yet because I need to narrow it down to only 3!



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1. finish labeling library
2. start literacy bags to take home
3. enjoy my kids and savor the funny things they say and do
4. file things away when I'm done using them!!!


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Mine are

-Be more positive.
-Stay on top of completed work and get it back to the students.
-Keep my work area as neat as possible


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Resolutions - Great Idea

Ditto the organization! I think that will be on the list forever...
My BIG one this year is to keep my desk clear! I tend to stack so much stuff on it that I can't even write on a note! So my goal is to clear my desk before going home... we'll see...:}


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I agree - great thread idea!

3. enjoy my kids and savor the funny things they say and do

That's mine!! I find myself being too serious - I'm so task-oriented - so I need to make myself slow down and really enjoy my kiddos. I'm still nurturing :), but I think I need to relax more than I do.

I'm also determined to be more positive in general - that's more of a resolution with my team than with the kids. We're a great team (whoo hoo!!), but we find ourselves venting to each other a lot, and I want to make sure I'm personally not doing it too much! <!--misspeak-->