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Schoolhouse Rock!



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But do you have the DVD?? One of my students got it for me for Christmas, and it has all of the songs on it for only 15.99!


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define reasonable... :)

Have you tried half.com? I found it there for $12 on cd. ebay was also good at helping find it for even less. Amazon ran about $12 as well. I would check your library. I got the America Rocks! cd for $2 during their bi-annual used book sale.


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I recommend getting the DVD...

My kids really responded to the visuals as well as the songs. The songs alone just doesn't cut it! I grew up with SchoolHouse Rock on Saturday mornings and I remembered most of the words, but more importantly I remembered all the visuals...a MUST for the visual learners in your classroom!

TR in Texas

Schoolhouse Rock 4 cd set

Disney the evil empire has aquired the material and discontinued the cd's!

There is a dvd 30th anniversary edition with all 46 original cartoons (plus alot of other "stuff") for $15 but I wanted the audio for the car.


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I just purchased some of the videos from there this morning. I have the four VHS tapes but I use my computer for everything at school and wanted the digital version.

Try e-bay too, that is where my husband got the VHS tapes several years ago.