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I teach 2nd grade, need some ideas for mixture, solution, physical and chemical change. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am using this with my 3rd grade kiddos who are beginning a chemistry unit... This is how I am introducing them to matter...

Use corn starch and water... add just enough water to make the substance look like liquid and when it is squeezed, feel solid!
You can do this in a Ziploc Baggy. Just make sure they don't squeeze too hard.
Hope this helps



This is called Oobleck. Is it a liquid or a solid? If you do a google search there are a bunch of ideas on it.

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Make some gak!

Look for a recipe on the web. The simplest directions are one part water to one part white glue. You can add food coloring at this point for cool colors. (solution) Then you mix borax and water (another solution) Both of these are liquid. When you mix them together, you get gak! It's a solid (or maybe not!) It solidifies, but not all the way. But it sure is a chemical change! I made these in group bowls, individual plastic cups, and in ziploc bags. I suggest the ziplock bags for least mess, plastic cups if you want your kids to get their hands on it. (Still not too messy)


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some ideas for mixtures, etc.

For mixtures I started by giving my students a bowl of marbles, paper clips, and erasers. We separated them and mixed them several times( really like 4-5 times). WE talked about how mixtures have to be more than two things and can be easily separated by hand. Then I gave them a plate with two colors of paint on it and a popsicle stick. They mixed them together and I asked them to separate them like we had the other stuff. They couldn't of course so we talked about solutions. Then I gave my students party mix. It is that snack that has doritoes, pretzels, cheetos, etc in it. I also mixed kool-aid in front of them and talked about what I was mixing (solids, liquids, etc) We talked about which snack item was a solution and which is a mixture. Then for physical change I gave them playdough rolled into a sphere.We completed a worksheet together. They started by describing the properties of the playdough and whether it was solid liquid gas. Then we reshaped it several different ways and mixed two colors together to show that we can change the color size or shape and it is still playdough. For chemical change we mixed pudding. Hope that helps


chemical change

I used a box of pudding and milk 2 TBLS of pudding to appx 1 1/2 TBLS of milk in a baby food jar then let them shake and disscuss the changes and then eat its a lesson they never forget I had a 7 th grade student visit and ask if I was still doing this lesson with the 3rd grade students and how much her class loved it