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Science Themed Chapter Books

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Hi there! I am in search of some science themed chapter books for my sixth grade reading classes. My school is becoming a Creative Science Center next school year and I am creating the sixth grade curriculum for reading with ties to science. I was thinking Journey to the Center of the Earth but it leveled for 8-9graders and may be too difficult of a read.


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a couple

I have a couple of suggestions. Clements's A Week in the Woods would go well with some areas of science as would several of Paulson's books - Woodsong, Hatchet and Brian's Winter.

Life as We Knew It certainly fits multiple areas of science - and give you lots of material for finding errors in the author's science.

Just happened to think about Night of the Twisters, and with the recent events in Japan, The Wave as well as Sadako, and the Thousand Paper Cranes would all be good.

Code Orange would give you an excellent base for doing some research as well as being an awesome read - the kids don't want to stop reading.


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Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass:

Three young teens witness a total solar eclipse and are changed forever in this novel, told in alternating narratives, that weaves exciting astronomy facts into the teens’ personal lives.
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I concur! I was going to suggest Every Soul a Star, but you already got there...

My students loved this book. I read it to them when we were studying astronomy at the beginning of the year, and they became fascinated with solar eclipses.

This book is also great because, in addition to weaving in excellent -- and complicated -- science content in a way that kids can understand, it looks at issues of inclusion (three middle schoolers from diff. walks of life, who would never have become friends under normal circumstances, put aside their differences and find they actually have lots in common!) and is nicely balanced in a way that both boys and girls can identify with. It's a surprisingly non-gender-specific book.

And, it's funny. My class and I really enjoyed it :)