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Science Videos


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Does anyone know of any good science videos to use in the classroom? I have personally bought some Magic School Bus Videos and the kids love them. I teach 6th grade. I have been looking at some Bill Nye ones but they are so expensive.


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There is a set of videos from National Geographic that I love. Dudley Moore does the narration as a character named Spin. They are humerous and have music included. We just finished one about the Rainforest and the animals that you would find there. (We're doing Habitats) The series is called Really Wild Adventures. Some of the adventures are the Kalihare (SP) desert, "Polar Prowl"-Arctic region, "Deep Sea Dive"-Ocean animals, One on Dinosauers and insects. The kids love them and learn a lot also. They usually run about 45 minutes. Here's their website.


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Splurge for the Bill Nye videos...

I teach 5th grade, and my kids LOVE the Bill Nye videos! Although I'm only teaching reading this year, I have used the Bill Nye videos for the past three years when I was teaching science. He is so entertaining, and the kids were always so excited when I would pull one out to show. :D

Talk with your librarian. Maybe he/she could order some out of library funds. We have an entire Bill Nye collection in our library. You could order a few this year, and add some new ones over the next few years.



I love Bill Nye, but you're right, they are exspensive. However, I check them out at my local public library---for free! Maybe try checking out your public library and see what you can find?


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My school has a collection of the Schlessingler Science Videos. They are very good. I use them in my fifth and eighth grade science classes. They are very kid oriented and the kids enjoy them.


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United Streaming Video

Go to unitedstreaming.com and sign up for a 30 day free trial. See if it's worthwhile subscribing, or see if you can get your school to subscribe for you. I find their videos are often exactly what I want.


Sharon D. W.

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More info would be helpful

Mrs. B203,

Could you send me the IBSN for each of the videos? The link did not work for me. What age group do you use them for? I teach first grade but from what you say these might be good for my kiddos too.



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science videos

I can do it when I get to school Monday or try to Google National Geographic videos and look for the kid's videos. I teach 2nd. They say the videos are for ages 4-10 yrs old, but I don't think a 4 year old would get the humor. 1st grade might, it would diffenitely hold their attention.


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United Streaming

Is AWESOME!!! You can download parts of videos or the entire thing, it doesn't matter. I agree about the Bill Nye, my fifth graders beg for me to show them. US has some Bill Nye in there archives.


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United Streaming is awesome

Our school district recently joined United Streaming. It is wonderful! You can even search for videos by your state standards and indicators.